Creating Custom
Cabinetry & Woodworking
in Edmonton & Area

Our team is excited to bring your dream to life

Our Services

Custom cabinets are our passion, but we’re experienced in all types of millwork for your home, including shelving for home libraries and offices, refurbishing your current cabinets or baseboards, and creating completely unique projects for gifts and special events.

Our team is excited to bring your dream to life

Kitchen and bathroom cabinetry
Countertops, including granite, quartz, solid surface, and laminate
Custom shelves
Storage units
Fireplace mantels
Decorative wall panelling
Baseboards and crown molding

We also offer specialty woodworking services for those once-in-a-lifetime special purchases. If you’re looking for a uniquely shaped bed for your kids, a special set of chests for storage, or any other unique project, we’re ready for the challenge.

We employ the latest in CNC technology and skilled journeymen to create stunning, locally crafted cabinets. Every project includes custom 3D design, professional machining with state-of-the-art equipment, and quick, seamless installation.

No Frills. No Surprises.
Just superb quality and craftsmanship


Kitchen and bathroom renovations can be stressful. Not only are you working within a specific budget and layout of space, but the choices are nearly endless. You have to choose your style, cabinet colours, countertops, backsplashes and more, and you want it all to match perfectly. That’s why Ridge View Millwork puts so much emphasis on our complete design process. We want you to get exactly what you envision from your renovation. Bring us your vision and let us help you make it a reality.


Custom Cabinetry

Every Ridge View cabinet is custom-made from start to finish in our local shop. Most people believe custom local cabinetry is expensive, but in fact, our prices are some of the best in the business. We can often beat the prices of the big box stores because we’ve cut out the middle man. Bringing our quality control in house also ensures that what we build is an exact fit each and every time. There’s less waiting for ordering and shipping, which means you’ll get your unique cabinets faster and for a great price.


Have you ever had work done on your home, only to have to ask the company to come back and fix a sloppy job? We’ve never had that call because our installations are seamless. At Ridge View Millwork, we take precision to the next level. Even a slight variance in measurements can make an impact on the overall look when we’re installing a cabinet, shelf, or molding, which is why we measure twice, cut once, and take the time to align everything perfectly on site. You can always rely on professional and courteous installation from our woodworking experts.